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"It's important to live with faith in God.

Everything begins there.  Everything returns there."

From the song, "Looking from the Other World" 

looking from the other world

Anoyokara nagameruto

Movie Theme Song for "Let It Be―Fear Never Ends”

Words and Music by Ryuho Okawa
Song by Emi Tasaka



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The Laws of Hell

(New Release on May 1st / Pre-Order Now)

The Laws of Hell

The Laws of Hell is another form of the laws of Salvation.
"Did you read this book or not?" - You will soon be asked at the entrance to another world. (From Preface)

Whether you believe it or not, Hell does exist. What differentiates Heaven and Hell are the good and evil thoughts within our mind. This is a book of salvation, providing critical Truth about how to identify hell in our everyday life and the countermeasures that will help us to overcome it. 


Curses and Spells

The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells

Curses may be the reason for your unhappiness

Curses are nothing special but something that occurs in daily life; this is the Spiritual Truth. Our feelings of jealousy and anger can be transmitted as thoughts of curses,or they can be repelled back and bring misfortune to the person who gave the curse.

This is a unique book like no other; it tells you the method to protect yourself from such curses and stop the cursing that brings unhappiness to yourself and others.


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"The Divine Protector―Master Salt Begins"
This film portrays how people's mind such as envy, greed, anger, ignorance and conceit become curses.


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 The Laws of Secret

The Laws of Secret

The secret of the detailed map of the afterlife (spirit world) is revealed! Know what is affecting you spiritually. You will understand the mystical truth that God's love has been letting you live. Knowing this secret makes your life shine and beautify the world.



My Journey through the Spirit World

The Mystical Laws

Ryuho Okawa’s true account of experiences in the Afterlife. Knowing what awaits in life after death helps us to live our current life better and more meaningful.
Discover the Spiritual Truth about brain death, organ transplants, and abortion.


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"The Mystical Laws"